A106 Hinged Windows

These windows are another option if you are looking for air flow into your cabin while protecting the interior from the outdoor elements. These are commercial windows, constructed from heavy duty 1/4″ thick anodized aluminum for added strength. They are two frames within a frame so are heavy duty and capable of being built in larger sizes only. Our Pop-out windows can be custom ordered in any size with a 3″ radius or mitered corners. The hinges can be mounted at the top or on the sides. Gas shocks or adjustable supports are added to keep the window open at a set angle to allow for a free air flow. They form a tight seal and are leak proof when they are closed.


  • Custom made to fit any size window opening
  • 1/4″ thick and 3″ wide
  • Clamp-in style frame or surface mount for easy installation
  • Custom wall trims from 1/16″-2.5″
  • 3″ Radius or Mitered corners
  • Clear Anodized Aluminum or powder coated in a variety of colours
  • 1/4″ Laminated or Tempered glass
  • Choice of glass tint
  • Hinge can be mounted on the top or sides
  • Choice of gas shocks or adjustable supports
  • Tested ISO 12216 for extreme weather conditions

Window Corners

  • 3” RADIUS